Dewerstone Adventure Race

This is something, different from our other programmes and involves navigation, physical and mental challenge, problem solving and teamwork.



This is something, different from our other programmes. There is still an intense mix of activity and challenge and the opportunity to learn new skills. This is given greater energy by the excitement of an adventure race.

Adventure racing is becoming increasingly popular in both wild and urban environments. These events involve navigation, physical and mental challenge, problem solving and teamwork. Races are normally against the clock, providing competitive experience outside of the traditional sports setting.

We have included adventure racing into our selection of residentials, as it offers a different dimension to our other programmes. Yet as always it also provides excellent opportunities for learning.

The Programme runs from our wonderful Dewerstone Cottage venue and is fully catered.

  • Pioneering and construction skills session.
  • Navigation and orienteering skills session.
  • Outdoor cookery session.
  • Climbing and abseiling skills session.
  • River and waterfall scramble session.
  • Dewar’s  Challenge, adventure race.
  • Review and reflection.

10.30 am: Meet Shaugh Prior.  Short walk to through the woods Dewerstone Cottage all luggage will be taken via the road to the bunkhouse.

11.00 am: Briefing and settle in

12.00 pm: Lunch.

12.30 pm: Groups may be divided up to do activities depending on numbers.

Orienteering session – find your way in the wild. Maps and the land around you, measuring distance and compass work.

Change into wetsuits (provided) and walk to Shaugh Bridge. A wet and wild scramble up small waterfalls, through rapids and pools and back to ther Cottage. Quick change and warm up (either in the sun or by the fire!)

Outdoor cookery session, preparing dessert for evening meal.

5.00 pm: Break

5.30 pm: Tea time, an evening meal will be prepared for the staff and children

7.00 pm: Free time

9.30 pm: Bed time drink and biscuit.

10.00 pm: Bed

07.30 am: Breakfast

09.00 am: Prepare packed lunches and

Full Day incorporating Activities below:

  • Rock skills – simple scrambles over low boulders, learning how put a harness and helmet, tie in with a climbing knot, climb larger cliffs protected by a rope, abseil down sheer rock walls. Practice high ropes elements.
  • Pioneering session, build towers, bridges, catapults waterwheels and more!  Building complex structures with simple materials. Ropes poles and barrels, Lashing and knots, stable structures and design.
  • Prepare teams, team flags for race day.

4.30 pm: Break

5.00 pm: A delicious evening meal. 

7.00 pm: Free time and entertainment.

9.30 pm: Bed time drink and biscuit.

07.00 am: Pack bags,breakfast and prepare for the race 

09.00 am: Dewer’s Challenge Adventure Race. The children will in supervised groups of 8, to undertake the challenge course. This will involve teams using the skills developed over past two days to:

  • navigate
  • abseil
  • build a structure
  • solve problems
  •  overcome obstacles in the wet, dry and muddy in the fastest possible time.

Although closely supervised teams will make decisions, prepare and use equipment to overcome challenges and obstacles only with support on safety issues.

All teams receive a badge for completing the course. The fastest team will win a small prize.

Dewerstone Adventure Race

  • Three day, two night, fully catered expedition
  • Orienteering
  • Pioneering
  • River Scramble
  • Climbing and abseiling
  • Outdoor cookery
  • Problem solving and team work
  • Adventure race time trial competition in teams with wet and dry challenges, problem solving, tunnels, mud and much more.
  • Students & Teachers – Staying at our Dewerstone Cottage or Powdermills Bunk house.

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£155.00 + VAT per child

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