Adventure Challenge

Our school based programmes are a great way to break down barriers and make discoveries.  We offer day time activity sessions with the option of overnight camping in the school grounds.



Our school based programmes are a great way to break down barriers and make discoveries.  Adventure Challenge is a standalone programme of team building activities. This normally takes place in 1/2 hour sessions where the children work in teams of six, completing a selection on short challenges that relay on working together as team.

The sessions are an informative mix of practical hands on work and reflection. This provides insight into personal and group interactions in a readily accessible  and enjoyable format.

Working Together

Being able to work with others is a basic life skill and the principles are easy to understand. However, simple tasks can become complicated when the needs and desires of individuals have to be accounted for.

Learning Through Experience

In our sessions we look at the stages of development and components of a group. This is encouraged by working on a number of short tasks so the process of understanding, planning, decision making and implementation can be tried many times. Understanding this process helps us to avoid conflict and get the best from each other.

Different Learning Styles

Our unique tasks are designed and built to cater for a wide range of learning styles and to encourage creative thinking. Each activity stimulates group interaction in a relaxed, non- threatening environment. Strong emphasis is placed on communication, reasoning and problem- solving skills. The choices of physical and cognitive tasks extend and challenge pupils of all ages and abilities.

Supporting Learning

We provide an alternative route into improving key skills such as communication, problem solving and working with others. This approach encourages the children to use previous learning and to value the benefits of reasoning, enquiry, evaluation and other vital thinking skills as part of the learning process.

The Review Process

Reflecting on our performance and understanding how we may change is at the core of experiential learning. Discussing the way we interact with others can play a crucial role in developing relationships. We use a range of reviewing techniques and tools to encourage discussion and personal reflection. Even a short session can give insights into individuals and groups, providing stimulus for work long after our visit.

Personal Development

Improving our understanding of our role in the team helps in building self- esteem and resilience. The outcome of each task relies on the effective use of communication, reasoning and problem- solving skills.

Adventure Challenge

Adventure Challenge


  • Emphasis on building individual skills and developing teamwork
  • Challenging and fun activities that fit with the national curriculum
  • All activities are led by mature, experienced, qualified staff
  • Programmes delivered within your school


  • £280 + VAT per day
  • £180 + VAT per half day

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