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As a parent it’s natural to have some questions or concerns when your child is enjoying the sort of activities provided by Young Spirit.  We have tried to address some of the more common questions we are asked below.  If you have any specific questions please speak to your child’s teacher.  You may also find our pages on Accommodation, Team Members and Safety of interest.

Frequently Asked Questions

"Why do these activities?"

Challenging ourselves is very much part of what makes us who we are. It can teach us what we are good at and what we need to work on. Being out of our comfort zone is where we learn most and it is our job to gently find where that zone is and work carefully with each person to get the best out of their visit. Wild living can very much challenge people's ideas about what they can't do without and seeing the world in a more simple way can give us real perspective.

"Are staff qualified and checked?"

A basic requirement for all staff is that they have current DBS check and first aid certificate. For those leading specific activities they will hold National Governing Body Awards for that particular discipline. Those assisting receive specific in house training. See more information here

"How many staff to children?"

The school will bring their own staff, but our normal ratio is between 1-8 to 1-10 depending on the activities and conditions. For things like knife work it is normally 1-2 or even 1-1.

"What if our child is upset or unhappy?"

We are very experienced at supporting both children and adults when anxious or upset and will work very hard resolve things for them. However this is often handled better by school staff and we will make them aware of any issues as quickly as possible.

"Can we make contact with our child while away"

Most schools do not allow children to take mobile phones and we do not recommend it. The school will provide a range of numbers to parents. We provide both mobile and land line numbers to the school. On our main site mobile phones work well and we can communicate easily.

"Do you stay overnight?"

Our staff and school staff stay overnight while camping and at least one member of Young Spirit staff is on duty in case of any problems.

"Are sites secured?"

Fences and locked gates are not what the wild is about, but we do take group safety extremely seriously. Our fixed sites are in private and/or remote areas, the children are supervised in a controlled area by an appropriate number of staff.

"What if someone is hurt or ill while camping"

In simple cases we can deal with this on site, if someone needs more help we have 4x4's available at all times to drive children and staff to a more accessible point or directly to professional help. In the most serious cases we have well planned evacuation policies in place.

"Do you have risk assessments?"

All our site and activities are risk assessed and we are inspected by the AALA to ensure our policies and practices are appropriate. You may see the risk assessments and policies on request. See more information here

"While camping, how do you stay clean and where do you go to the toilet?"

This will depend on the nature of the camping, but in most cases we have soap and water for general washing. Alcohol gel sanitizer is also available. For two night camps most are happy to not shower, however if a shower is needed we can arrange one on an individual basis.

Our campsite's composting toilets, look similar to and function like a normal toilet. They are a long drop in to a pit, not flushed with water and the waste is covered with clean sawdust. They are kept very clean and wood ash and charcoal are added to prevent them being smelly.

"What do we eat"

Generally we have range of normal foods like pasta, bread pizza, sausages, fruit, biscuits. Much of the cooking is done as part of the activities. We take pride in providing wholesome good quality food.

We can adapt our menus to most needs and no one goes hungry!

"Do I need any particular equipment?"

We will provide all technical equipment. Most things on our kit list are everyday items. We have stock of waterproofs and sleeping bag we can lend on request prior to the residential.

"Do I need to be sporty or fit?"

Our challenges are open to all and can be adapted to specific needs. If you have any concerns please make contact and we can discuss the best ways of making the programme accessible.